College and Career Planning Guide for Students

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Critical Reading Activity

Anticipation Guide for College and Career Planning

2010 Career Cluster Programs of Study (POS) Models

The POS Models are saved in an Excel spreadsheet (11x17) that can be edited/customized by local districts.  Save the document first and then open the file from your computer hard drive or thumb drive to make the appropriate edits.

Additional Information:

TEXASgenuine Assessment--This is a career guidance tool that allows you to respond to questions and identify your top three Career Clusters of interest based on your responses. This is for educational purposes only.

Career Cluster
Programs of Study

Based on the 4 x 4 Recommended HS Graduation Plan

Excel spreadsheet (11x17) that can be edited/customized by local districts.

Agribusiness Systems

Agricultural Financial Planning

Farm Management

Animal Systems

Animal Nutritionist

Veterinary Science 

Environmental Service Systems

Water Environment Manager

Wind Energy Technician

Food Products & Processing Systems

Agricultural Communications

Meats Processing

Plant Systems

Floral Design

Power, Structural & Technical Systems

Farm Equipment Mechanic


Natural Resources Systems

Forest Conservationist

Marine Biologist


Biotechnology Technician

Media Component Highlighting Occupations in Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources


Click here to see all of the career videos available in the Agriculture Food & Natural Resources cluster area.

To see the same videos in Spanish, click here.

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Texas Employment Outlook

Locate current Texas employment outlook information for these careers by clicking on the following link.  This site is sponsored by the Texas Workforce Commission.