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AchieveTexas clipart, AchieveTexas logo  jpg, and AchieveTexas In Action jpg are available, as well as the 16 Career Cluster logos.

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Implementation Materials

The following are materials developed and presented on the implementation of the AchieveTexas College and Career Initiative on the local level. Local districts are free to download, print, and distribute implementation materials without the need for release of copyright.
PLEASE Note:  AchieveTexas is branded as one word. When creating local resources, please reflect the name appropriately.

Download for Local Implementation

Implementation Guide  
Best PracticesThe Implementation Guide provides valuable information about AchieveTexas that can be used with administrators, counselors, teachers, business and industry representatives, and parents at the local level. The Implementation Guide can be reproduced on the local level by downloading the PDF file below. Prior approval is not needed for local reproduction. You can also order this Implementation Guide by clicking on the link to the right for "Ordering Materials". 
PDF format.
Adobe is required to view or download the document. You will need Adobe Reader to view and print the files (you can download a free version of the software from www.adobe.com).

PowerPoints from AchieveTexas TETN Broadcasts and other Presentations are available here!

Texas Career Education Winter Conference 2/2-4/15
Framework for Developing Career Plans
Success in the New Economy
Texas Counseling Association's College Counseling & Career Development Conference 5/18-19/14
Poised to Lead: Preparing Professional School Counselors Through Sustained Development to Lead Local College & Career Readiness Initiatives
Texas Counseling Association's School Counselor Conference 2/9-11/14
Resource for HB5 Presentation
Texas Career Education Winter Conference 2-4-6/14
Resource for HB5 Presentation
Counselor Cube
AchieveTexas LiveBinder Presentation
Texas Counseling Association's Professional Growth Conference Conference 11/20-22/13
LiveBinders Tutorial
Texas Counseling Association's Professional Grow Conference 9/7/13
Mapping Pathways to Career Success & Anticipation Guide
National Career Clusters Institute 6/10-12/13
Mapping Pathways to Career Success &
Anticipation Guide
Texas Guidance Counseling Association Conference 5/19-20/13
Preparing Today's Students for the Demands of College and Career
Post-Secondary Counselor Educator's Conference 4/15-16/13
Rich Froeschle's Presentation: Will and Skill for AchieveTexas
Texas School Counselors' Conference Presentation 2/11/13 & ESC Region 3 Counselors' Workshop 3/21/13  
Mapping Pathways to College and Career Success
Education Open Source Conference 2/5/13  
AchieveTexas Surveys--Crosswalks Update and MAXimizing Reading & Writing Integration with AchieveTexas Resources
TEA New CTE Teacher Academy 9/19/12  
Overview to AchieveTexas
TEA New CTE Leadership Academy 9/19/12  
How to Use Programs of Study to Develop Effective CTE Programs
Texas HSTW Conference Presentation 6/8/10  
Best Practices for Implementing Local College and Career Initiatives
TETN Session 5/17/10 AchieveTexas College and Career Initiative: Middle School and High School Career Development, and one other presentation: Career and Technical Education: Garland ISD
TETN Session 3/24/10 AchieveTexas College and Career Initiative: CTE Courses and the College and Career Readiness Standards, and one other presentation:
Using CTE Courses to Meet High School Graduation Requirements
TETN Session 1/21/10
AchieveTexas College and Career Initiative: New CTE Courses and Programs of Study/Graduation Plans
This session highlights the new CTE courses as they are organized in the Programs of Study. Resources and suggestions are provided for developing the Programs of Study on the local level.